Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Night of Knights Auction Item

The Development Office personnel like to solicit items for the Night of Knights that are made by the monks.

People seem to cherish these items, simply because they are made by the monks.

Since I garden and have a Farmers Market going almost all the time, produce from the garden and baked items as a monthly delivery are acutioned.

And also since I quilt, this year a hand quilted quilt will be auctioned as well with the garden package. This quilt does have some history behind it, since it is one of the first quilts that I have hand quilted. Until this past year, I always tied the quilts that I put together. But I could hear my mother goading me into finally learning the REAL art of quilting by stitching it all by hand. She used to say that she prayed a prayer for the person she was making the quilt with every stitch she made. Wow! Let me assure you -- that is a lot of prayers.

Here are some photos of Fr. John's auction item!



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  1. Awesome work Padre J! I am attempting to try and sew blocks together.