Friday, March 14, 2014

A Visit to Conception Abbey and Seminary

Most of our extended family know that Mount Michael Abbey was founded by Conception Abbey of Missouri. But since there are not too many monks remaing at Mount Michael that were educated at Conception, the connection is perhaps getting farther away.

However, both Abbot Micahel and I are good friends of the present abbot of Conception Abbey-- Abbot
Gregory Polan. We were all in the theology together in the 1970s.

This past Monday of Spring Break, I paid a visit to the Mother House and was able to take two Mount Michael students with me--Charlie Jarosik and David Uwinganji.

It was prefect weather on Monday and it was great to see the monks and seminarians of Conception Abbey and Seminary. We also had a chance to visit Clyde Monastery, near Conception. The Benedictine Sisters there make scented soap which Br. Jerome sells at the guest house of MM. We had to pick up an order for him.

A great time was had by all! When one visits these two Benedictine Monasteries, one experiences hospitality immediately. A special thank you to seminarian, Michael Brungardt, who arranged the visit for our MM students.
Blessings to you always, Michael!

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