Monday, February 24, 2014

Wedding in Cancun, Mexico

Even as wildly I as dream, never did I dream that one day I would witness a wedding for an alum in Cancun, Meixco. Nonetheless this wild dream took place last week on February 17, 2014.

Alum, Michael Tagel of the class 1991, exchanged vows and rings with Jodie Tuttle. Both Jodie and Michael's immediate families were there to celebrate this occasion. And of course, the ceremony would not be complete without Mike Tagel's close MM friend, Matt Walters of the class of 1991 as well.
Below are some photos of the wedding.

Below are a few photos from my hotel room. Truly the place is a paradise.

 I would like to express my sincere thanks to Jodie and Mike for making this all possible. Perhaps one could say that Mount Michael alums are always thinking of great things and making them happen.


It was indeed, an experience that I will never forget!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Blessings for Twins on St. Scholastica

Below are some of our twins, presently in our school. We had a special blessing and celebration on the Feast of St. Scholastica. St. Benedict and St. Scholastica were twins.


Inexhaustible source of life and author of all good,

We bless you and we thank you

For brightening our communion of love by your gift

of children, especially as twins.

Your mothers bore and birthed you with double sacrifice and pain.

Your parents cared doubly for you as you have grown up.

May you doubly bless your parents with good behavior and good work habits as students.

May you all always strive for what is good and right and one day

Reach your home in heaven.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Quilt in Lithuania

A number of years ago now, Mount Michael was graced with a young man who lived with us for a while to discern a calling. He, Tomas Butvilas, is from Lithuania. He was as a joy to have with us here in the abbey, full of life and energy-- and he knew lots of things about gardening!!!

Tomas eventually discerned out of religious life and married. He has one daughter and when she was born, I made a quilt for her. And how times flies. She is not a baby anymore!

Tomas follows my blog and saw the one that deals with quilts. He sent me some photos of his daughter, Ula and himself. Tomas reports that Ula loves her quilt. The photos are below.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

February 2 -- The Presentation of the Lord in the Temple -- youth and old age

A topic that is quite relevant to Mount Michael's monastic community is: old age and dealing with aging.

Today's feast reminds me of elderly people because of two elders in the gospel for today-- Simeon and Anna. Of course, in monastic communites today's gospel contains words that we hear and sing every day at Night Prayer or Compline, the Nunc Dimittis-- Now you can dismiss your servant!

I think of myself aging, but I also think of the elders of our community. The one that comes to mind immediately is Br. Francis Schmitz. He has become quite a character in our community as he ages. He keeps us all laughing, eventhough his antics are sometimes preditable.

Here is Br. Francis in his raincoat at this year's Fall Festival. One can be assured that he is answering any questions by asking more questions. He loves responding that way these days.

Br. Franics's birthday is coming up this month. On February 18th he will be 84 years old. Although a few of our monastic members are ahead of him, Br. Francis certainly comes to mind when I think of the elders of my life who recognize God in his midst! All one can say is: "He is something"!

The other community members in the 80s are: Abbot Raphael Walsh, Abbot Theodore Wolff, Fr. Adrian Liable, Br. Mark Bern.