Saturday, January 11, 2014

Megan Hagemann -- Wayne State College -- Wildcats -- Quilt

I have been working off and on for several years to finished a quilt for another niece, Megan Hagemann. Megan is already a junior at Wayne State College and I still have not gotten her quilt finished.

I can't let your sister, Ashley, get too far ahead of you, Megan. I think Ashley got her Nebraska quilt before she was a junior. I don't even have a photo of  her quilt! So I even did some hand quilting on yours, Megan. I don't think Ashley has that feature on hers. The hand quilting is around the "W"!

Here is a photo of the quilt top before it was quilted.

Below is the finished quilt with the binding and all. You may notice a pair of pliers in the background. I had to use pliers to pull the yarn through the 3 layers to tie it. It was so hard to pull through because of the layers and I used 2 strands of yarn -- black and yellow.

Below is a photo of Megan's softball team for this coming season. Megan is in the back row, almost center, but a bit to the right near the pitcher's mound. Megan is the catcher for her team. Her sister, Ashley, was the pitcher for UNL. They actually played against each other for one game a few years ago.

Oh, one more point of interest and qulit technique: note the setting blocks and the 4 corners. That was not exactly easy to do. And the border material and the whole back are paws on black material. I think they are cat paws, but I am sure not wildcat paws. Megan, you will have to provide the wildcat paws on the field!!
Have a great softball season this year!
Yours truly,
Padre Juan

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