Monday, January 27, 2014

Dedicated to You, Louie!


It has taken me over 2 years to get your quilt made from your jeans. It has taken me some time just to get to it, but also it was just hard to do. Your Grandma, my Mom, said that she said a prayer for every stitch she made in a quilt for the person for whom she was making the quilt. Well, I have to be honest! I don't know if I said a prayer for every stitch, but I sure thought of you a whole lot and did pray for you and your family.

When I make these jean quilts with the pockets for squares, I usually close all the pockets by sewing them. This time I left 6 of the 35 pockets open. Maybe your kids will find little things to put in those pockets, especially for you!

Here it is, Louie!

Ruth went up home this weekend, Lou, and she delivered the quilt to your family. Your boys are already having fun with it. They love animals, like you did, and here they are using the quilt for a blanket on their horses.They look like you!

And just one more photo, for you Lou-- I will always remember the day of Chet John's baptism. Remember, we baptized the Nore twins at the same time. I look at the photo below often times and try to recall that day. Thanks for asking me to be the godfather of your last boy. I have some obligations to fulfill.

You are always with us. Padre J

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