Friday, December 27, 2013

Wedding During Wartime -- Lack of Rubber Forces Honeymoon Travel by Train

Today I had an email message from one of my many cousins, Marlyn Camp. Besides wishing me well during the Christmas Season, she was reminiscing about our family. Today is the wedding anniversary of her parents, Jim & Rita Daly, in 1945.

She mentioned that her parents took their honeymoon in Wyoming, but had to travel by train because there was no rubber for cars.

I told this story at lunch and Abbot Theodore knew exactly what I was talking about. He said that he had trouble with his bike because of the lack of good rubber. The tires were always going flat, but  his family had a connection with someone in Lincoln, Ne., who could get good rubber-- sorta underground.

Maryln, thanks for the memories and stories.

I don't think my Dad made it home from the military for your parents' wedding, but there Mom is in the famous blue dress that your Mom wore at Mom's wedding.

Remember, my Mom and Dad were married in January -- on the 3rd-- the same year your Mom and Dad were married.

                           Many people tell me that I look like my Dad. Do I?

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