Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Root of Jesse -- Christmas Cactus

In these Great Days of Advent and the O Antiphons, I cannot help but to be reminded of these wonderful images that surround us in chapel and in the abbey and in our liturgy

Below is one of our Christmas Cacti. It is really doing well this year. It is a joy just to see and look at during Midday Prayer and Night Prayer these last days of Advent.

Come, O Flow'r of Love,
Holy Branch of Jesse's tree.
Come, Bough of Blessing,
Bloom for all the world to see.

Christ, circle round us.
Christ, may your light surround us,
Shine in our living.
Fill our hearts with great thanksgiving.

(text based on Advent O Antiphons -- this text is Daniel L. Schutte

Below is a photo of the north niche behind the altar in our chapel. The bitter sweet was particularly adundant this year. Often times people will ask me where I find the bitter sweet, especially Br. Luke. I am must admit that I am a bit reluctant to tell anyone about the places where I find the bitter sweet. I feel it is alittle like telling people where I find morel mushrooms!

Along with the bitter sweet is Edward Hicks' painting, THE PEACEABLE KINGDOM. Notice how the orange bitter sweet compliments the organish tree in the left side of the painting. O, Come Prince of PEACE!

Below is a closer view of the painting. It is a photo from last year's arrangement.

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