Thursday, October 10, 2013

Franciscan Pilgrimage

I would like to offer a pilgrimage to Franciscan territory of the Archdiocese of Omaha. That of course, would be Platte County area and more. The pilgrimage would be on November 9, a Saturday. We would have to leave Mount Michael in the morning in order to get to all the sites of this pilgrimage. The pilgrimage would include a home cooked meal at the huge rectory of Raeville, Nebraska. This is my homeland and so my family would be involved as well. If interested, email me at: I would need a final number of who is going by November 4th. I would hope to have help with transportation by parents of students. This could be open to anyone. Thanks, Fr. John If you check out my blog on the abbey website, you can find photos of some of these Franciscan places. You can also find out why Franciscans are so important to me. There is a blog entitled: A Benedictine with Franciscans Roots Below are some photos of St. Francis in Humphrey, Nebraska. The steeple on this church dominates the whole country side. It can be seen from long distances.

Below is the high altar in St. Francis in Humphrey

                      Below is a photo of a painting on the south wall near the high altar

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