Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Iris -- A Delicate Beauty

As I grew up as a child, certain experiences of gardening were so strong that those experiences have been forever retained in my memory. I think this particularly happens when such experiences appeal to one's senses, especially sight and smell.

I will always remember my paternal grandmother's love for flowers of this particular season-- irises and peonies. This grandmother would be Anna (Ketteler) Hagemann. So strong was grandma's love for these flowers and raising them that it so appealed to my mother that she too wanted such gardens and flowers. My mother was very impressed by the beauty her mother-in-law could create by her flowers and her garden.

My dad also loved irises!! Indeed, an iris is a delicate flower of incredible beauty.

Below are a few of ours here at Mount Michael. Something so simple and delicate and yet so beautiful. And the fragance of these flowers is not really explainable. So yes, -- the senses -- sight and smell. Enjoy the sight and imagine the smell!

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  1. beautiful flowers! these were my first ones I gave to my scientific supervisor when we first met. love their structure and colours!

    Tomas (Lithuania)