Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Camp Mount Michael Begins

This past Sunday, June 16, Mount Mount Michael's summer camp opened for another season. Years ago the camp was known as Camp St. John! Over the years many of monks worked in this camp. In fact, we had little hired help. These days it is a different story, but the help is the extended Mount Michael family -- our alums and students.

It is interesting how age catches up. I used to have lots of nephews who came to camp, now it is great nephews. I guess that I have been a grandfather image now.

Below is a great nephew -- Jacob Nore. He is having breakfast with his group and he looks like he is not awake yet.

                                Below is Jacob Nore's little brother -- Aiden Nore-- I think he likes to have his
                                                                      pictured taken!!


                              Below is Aiden along with his cousin, Samuel Hoppe. Sam is the son of Dennis Hoppe
                                            who is an alum of Mount Michael -- class of 1997.

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