Sunday, May 5, 2013

Korean Chanters

Often times on weekends, Abbot Michael is approached for help by parishes throughout our Archdiocese. Although Abbot Michael does try to give me parish assignments on Satrday evenings, I do have to be away from the abbey on occasion on Sundays. That means that I am not able to be here for the Eucharist. I need to depend on others to sing.

This past year, I have particularly depeneded upon Mount Michael students to help with the singing and particularly, chanting the responsorial psalm on Sunday. And over the recent years, with Mount Michael's doors being opened to international students, especially the Koreans, Mount Michael has been blessed with some musically -- talented young men. Two Korean students who help regularly with music on Sundays are: freshman, Changgi (Brian) Kang and junior, Eun Woo Jee.

We are most grateful for these young voices and help with liturgies at Mount Michael Abbey. There are others students who help as well. I hope to get some good photos of them and give them some recognition also.  But a special thank you to Brian and Eun Woo!!

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