Friday, May 31, 2013

First Farmers Market of this Growing Season -- 2013

Tomorrow, June 1, will mark the first Farmers Market at Mount Michael of this growing season. Although it is early and there are not lots of vegetables ready for harvest, the rhubarb is doing really well.

Farmers Market will feature – rhubarb/strawberry jam

 pumpkin bread

 off shoots of Br. Luke’s cacti

 off shoots of Fr. John’s white irises

 homemade jean and rag rugs – Fr. John and his sister

Br. Jerome will have the Guest House open and he will also have Flea Market items available.

The garden produce will become more prolific in mid-July, but come out now and check out the items that are now available

                                        Lots of rhubarb in the garden these days!
This is rhubarb/strawberry jam for this year's crop. Yum, yum!

Below are a few photos of Br. Luke's cacti. They are located on the south side of the abbey building--right outside of our dining room. The public never really sees the south side of the building. It is a great place for cacti. Br. Luke says water freely during the summer, birng to pots inside in the fall and water only once a month. They bloom profusely every year. I will take some phots when they are in bloom.

Below are some of the white irises that had to be moved from the flower bed of the eagle.

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  1. More rain this year, things are looking green. I really like the farm pictures... but mostly the jars of jam!