Monday, April 8, 2013

St. Michael's -- Albion, Nebraska -- Frist Communion

This past Sunday, April 7, 2013, I made an very early morning trip to Albion, Nebraska-- St. Michael's parish to celebrate Frist Communion with the community there. In this particular First Communion Class, I had a great niece, Allison Hoppe and a great nephew, Aiden Nore make First Communion. Since this was the same parish where I had made my First Communion, it really brought back lots of memories for me. Below are some photos of the First Communion Class of 2013 at St. Michael's in Albion, Nebraska.

                                              Allison Hoppe-- little girl in front row -- between the two boys-


                                      Aiden Nore -- straight above
                                               front row

          With lighted candles, the communicants renew their baptismal vows. They responded well with
                                      their "I Dos".

         An added feature was having the godparents bring up a little gift for each communicant. Here is my sister, Ruth Hagemann and a nephew, Phillip Hoppe-- Allison's godparents giving Allison her gift.

                    Here is Peter Hoppe, Aiden's uncle and godfather, giving Aiden his gift.

                         Aiden Nore at reception immediately afterwards.

                                           Allison Hoppe at the reception afterwards.

This was really a very special day in lots of ways. For me, it was an awesome witness of total innocence and holiness. These children are like little angels. I could not help but  be reminded of the days when I severed mass there at St. Michael's and would look up at those angels on the altar. It was nice to go back to this childhood experience. Below is a closer photo of these angles on the high altar.

Below is a photo of Aiden Nore and Allison Hoppe on their baptism day.
They were baptized together on the same day.
Allison happened to recieve her Frist Communion on her birthday as well.
Allison is the miracle baby featured on one of my earlier blogs.

                                          Aiden Nore      Judy Hoppe --Grandma      Allison Hoppe

  And now since we have Gandma here, there was another aspect of this Frist Communion, that is very worth noting. The communion dress that Allison Hoppe wore on Sunday is near 50 years old. It was new for Judy's First Communion in 1958.

Below is the dress being prepared by Judy for her grandaughter, Allison.

Below is Judy Hoppe's (Hageman) first communion class photo. She is the back row.
From the left -- she is the fifth child!

Below is a photo of Judy on her First Communion Day.
The photo was taken at our home -- Vic and Ann Borer are her godparents.

Below is my first communion class photo. I am in the back row.
I am the second child from the right. In front of Sr. Adelaide--

Below are a few more photos of St Michael's Church in Albion, Nebraska


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  1. Hi Padre J,
    I still have my dress, veil, and purse from my First Communion. Your post brings back many good memories. Thanks for posting!

    Your Cuz,
    Jackie Brown