Friday, April 19, 2013

Spring Slow in Coming -- Memories of Past Spring -- What Will Soon Come

       In the Risen Christ, Lord our God,
we see the victory of the Spirit,
and the beginning of the new creation.
Keep us always so united to our Saviour
that even now this victory and this newness
may support our lives,
and direct them to you, for ever and ever.

Prayer at Midday during Easter time.


  1. Padre Juan,

    This might be a banal question, but how long have there been cherry blossoms at MM? I went to grad school near a park with a big section of cherry blossoms and have developed a fondness...anyways, I was just thinking about what lovely plants they are and was curious about a bit of MM horticultural history!

  2. Hello,

    I would like to address your question personally, but I do not know who you are. Perhaps what occasions your question, is the photo above of the tree with pink bloosoms. Acutally, it is not a cherry tree. It is a flowring crab-apple tree-- ornamnetal-- only. Although it does bear little apples, they are not edible fruit.

    To be honest, we do not have cherry trees here at MM. We are considering planting more fruit trees, but for years the major fruit that we have produced here is the apple crop.

    I am particularly thinking of planting apricot trees this year.

    Thank you for the comment and checking in on the blog. You can also communicate via e-mail if this way is too public for you.

    Blessings always, Padre Juan