Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Relief of Pressure and Stress -- Connecting With Ancestors

There is a section toward the end of Ronald Rolheiser's, The Holy Longing, about connecting with our beloved dead. One of his suggestions is not to just go to the cemetery to visit graves, but to actually do something that the loved one really liked doing while still living.

Ever since I came across this idea, I have tried to connect with my deceased parents in this sort of way. My parents were very simple people in many ways and they loved simple things. My Dad loved to work in the garden. I feel that I connect with him in a vey special way when I work in the garden. Although he loved irises, I don't know if he had extensive knowledge about flowers. Below are some photos of my irises over the years at Mount Michael. I will always connect with my Dad when I work with irises.

                                 Below is a photo of the bright red tulips near the school building.

In regard to my Mom, I dabble in quilting. Mom was a famous quilter. She really prided herself about how uniform her small stitches were. Really, Mom's quilting stitches were as uniform as a machine could make them.  I can't begin to come close to her talent in this regard, but I do love putting quilts together. Below is a baby boy quilt that I am presently working on. It is really enjoyable to work with patterns and colors.

I truly feel that all monks should have some sort of hobby or craft to keep occupied. It can be very relaxing as well and while doing such hobbies, one can also be creative and feel productive.

Today is April 17th, 2013. It is my Mom's birthday. However, her birthday for eternal life began on Dec.11, 2004. Thank you, Mom, for all you have done for me and your family. Have a party with Dad tonight and all your other brothers and sisters.

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