Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Breaking Bread -- Recognizing the Risen Lord

Each year for  the Triduum (Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday), we try to invite our students to be a part of these Great Days. Br. Luke helps us to keep memory of these moments by his photography. If one clicks on the NEWS button of the school or abbey website, he/she can find a replay of the Triduum.

This year, I was particularly struck by some of Br. Luke's photos. The one below of one of our seniors is an awesome photo. It is Tommy Maliszewski. He is caught in a pose with bread in his hand. Because this is Holy Thursday evening, (for me) he could be an apostle at the Last Supper. In a way he was! It was Holy Thursday, 2013, and he did have his feet washed later that evening. Below is the photo.


Today, April 3, 2013, our gospel for the day speaks of how the disciples of Jesus recognized Him in the breaking of the bread.

These words of the evangelist, Luke, this photo of Tommy and the Risen Christ painting in the chapel make Jesus -- the Risen Lord present and real.

Continue to celebrate this wonderful freeing season of Easter!!!

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