Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Hard Earned Musical Instrument -- the Organ of Mount Michael -- Randy George

In the month of October, 1995, along with the other renovations in Mount Michael's Chapel, the organ was finally completed. I have noted in several blogs that I have been involved with music at Mount Michael the entire time I have been here at MM. Part of that involvement would be the building of our organ. I am certainly not skilled in the technical aspects of organ building, but I had much to do with the grunt work and the planning.

The person who had the most to do with the whole project would be a man by the name of Randy George.
Unfortunately, Randy passed on to eternal life about a year ago and that loss forced me to switch gears in regard to maintaining the organ. I would like to make this blog a type of tribute to Randy George. Without his patience and ingenuity, I seriously doubt if the organ project would ever have been completed. Mount Michael is not so different than other places when it comes to available funds for music and the other arts for that matter. Enough said!! Thank you, Randy for all you have done!

When planning where the organ pipes would be located in the chapel, there was great concern about not disturbing the strict lines of symmetry of  the chapel itself. As most people, know the chapel is a 16 - sided structure with very definite symmetry. The organ had to fit within two bays of  the balcony. Below is a photo
demonstrating the two bays in which the organ pipes are situated.

The demand of fitting the organ pipes in these two bays presented a challenge. Lots of pipes had to be situated in a rather small area. Some of the pipes were too long for the height of the bay and so these pipes had to be what is called-- mitered. Below or some photos of the two chambers-- the great and the swell. And the last photo is an example of mitered pipes.

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