Wednesday, March 20, 2013

St. Ignatius of Loyola in Rural Nebraska -- Fr. Richard Reiser -- Brunswick, Ne. -- St. Ludger -- Creighton, Ne

One of the joys of taking parish weekend assignments is meeting people in different areas and seeing parishes and churches sometimes in rural areas. Although I have had the parish assignment of Creighton/Brunswick several times now in the past few years, Brunswick now can boast of a beautiful icon in its humble little church. The parish is named-- St. Ignatius of Loyola. Even when I was first assigned to this parish, its name was a type of oxymoron for me. Being a graduate of Creighton University, an institution under the patronage of St. Ignatius and knowing that many Jesuit institutions are located in a cities; if not, inner cities, finding a St. Ignatius in a rural area was very different for me. And then discovering that this beautiful icon was written by a priest of the archdiocese was even more delightful-- Fr. Richard Reiser (present pastor of St. James Parish in Omaha, Nebraska). The icon is striking for lots of reasons.

Below is the a photo of the humble, little church and parish of St. Ignatius in Brunswick, Ne.

                                     Here is the icon of St Ignatius inside on the right wall up front.

          Below is a close up of the lower right hand side of the icon. Note how the church of Brunswick is part of the icon.

             And now note in the photo below how Fr. Reiser makes sure this Ignatius is in a rural place -- the black cattle are placed in it as well. This was really striking for me, since I had just visited the Kalkowski ranch and seen many, many black cattle. The cattle are in the upper right hand portion of the photo below.

In this close up of the center of the icon, you can see that St. Ignatius is hold The Spiritual Exercises. The left page reads: ... things of the earth are created for human beings, to help them in working toward the end for which they are created... the right page reads: God is working in the heavens, elements, plants, fruit, cattle ... giving them their existence.

This last photo of this blog is the parish church in Creighton, Nebraska. The name of this parish is St. Ludger. One does not hear of this Saint very much. I had a bit of a surprise for the Saturday evening mass here on March 16, 2013. It was Prom Night for the highschool students and their tradition is that all the prom goers come to mass (Catholic or Non-Catholic) to receive a special blessing for the evening. And they take the very front pew in church. It was an awesome experience. The church was packed full!!

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  1. I was looking for some photos of an Ignatius Icon and stumbled upon your blog post. Glad to hear you enjoy coming out to our neck of the, cornfield. - Fr. Lorig