Sunday, March 31, 2013

Resurrection -- New Life -- Easter Bunny -- Baby Chicks and Ducks

Easter is a Great Feast in our Church. Death and sin are destoryed and Christ is Risen. New Life is all around us at this time of the year. The painting of the Risen Christ below was painted by Nicolas Oramas, the Mexican monk who was living with us here at Mount Michael for one year. I will never forget that day I visited Nicolas in his painting room when he was doing this painting. I had just come in from a long day of work in the garden and the face of Jesus was just completed. I felt as if Jesus was looking directly at me. It was really an awesome experience. We are so grateful to this young Mexican for the gifts he left us. Wherever he is, I hope one day he sees how much we love what he is and has done for us. But we need to be even more grateful to God for what happens to all of us because of the Resurrection-- forgiveness of sins and new life that is everlasting!!!


                              Below is the new Easter Candle -- Br. Jerome decorates it almost every year

                          Some photos of the environment in the chapel -- work of Br. Jerome

After the Easter Vigil on Saturday night and after the Eucharist on Easter Sunday there was an Easter Egg Hunt (of sorts) in the Armory (The Student Union). There were some baby chickens and ducks to pet as well. And the Easter Bunny made an appearance on Saturday evening.

             Alums -- Blake and Ben Suing -- Ben's twin son kissing a baby chick-- Ben looks like he is kissing
                                                                                                                               as well!!

Sullivan Blake Suing kisses a duckling-- Amy Suing is holding the ducking.

Suing family and their new babies-- new life!!!



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