Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ranch Country -- Logan Kalkowski-- Niobrara-- Black Cattle

For many years Mount Michael Benedictine has had students who hail from ranch country. One does not have to be around them too much to perceive that they really have the soil -- the country-- in them. Although I am not from ranch country, I would like to think that I have country in me as well. I must admit I really, really like ranch country. I am enamored by it. Being where I was this past weekend was not unlike seeing scenes in Dances With Wolves.

Our present sophomore, Logan Kalkowski's family has a ranch near Lynch, Nebraska. Although Logan's family does not live there, he goes there as often as he can. Obvious is his love of the land, the place and the cattle. It is an awesome place.

Since I was already as far north as Creighton, Nebraska, I just drove a little further north to visit Logan and see his family's ranch. It is a very romantic setting. Although we still have a taste of winter and the grass is not green yet, its beauty is overwhelming.

         Here is Logan with the Niobrara River behind him and the ranch just below, the little black things strewn along the the river are the family's cattle. There are lots and lots of black cattle down there.

                  Here are some to the cows with their babies. Just beyond the trees is the Niobrara River.

                                                       A cow with her new born calf!

                                 Official Sign of the Kalkowski Ranch and Brands!

                                                       Niobrara River

                               Terrain of the Pasture Land -- note cedar trees and yuca plants

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