Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Quick Trip Home -- Albion, Ne -- St. Michael's --Grandma's Bed

I made a quick trip home to Albion, Nebraska early Tuesday morning and stayed over night at my home where I lived all my life before MM. Below are some photos.

                                         St. Michael's Parish in Albion, Nebraska

                                              Priest's Home -- the Rectory -- Nice Home

           St. Michael's Elementary School -- my school for all 8 grades -- for all my brothers and sisters as
                      well and now elementary school for many great nephews and nieces

                                                St. Michael in front of the church

                              St. Michael's has wonderful stained glass windows -- Resurrection-- East wall

                                         Crucifixion window -- West wall

                                                           High Altar

                                  I rememer looking up at these angels as a very young altar boy!
                                               It was a pretty awesome thing!

                         View from the High Altar -- two balconies -- I was often up there in the choir

                                              Mary -- Side Altar

This was my resting place for Tuesday evening-- March 5, 2013. This bed was Grandma Hagemann's. It was probably in the Ketteler Home years ago. The quilt was my mother's. The whole day was a great bonding with my family. There will be some more blogs following my quick trip later.


  1. Fr. John, I was thrilled to come across this page during my search on St. Michael's stained glass windows to use in a story about my faith journey. I received my first communion and confirmation at St. Michael's when Fr.J Crowley was pastor, sang in the choir, swept the floor & cleaned the pews and helped during church functions in the basement. My Jr. & Sr. graduation dinners were held in that basement. My father's funeral was held there in 1946. I found my birth mother in 1990 plus a 9 brothers and 2 sisters, who have been wonderful. After 20 years, I published a book about my 38 year journey to find my birth mother and titled it, Adopted B 635, which is available on Amazon. I have been taking a writing class and joined 2 bible study groups, wishing to become more knowledgeable about my religion. I would to love to read your article, Fearing Failure. Is it available? Walt and I always felt the warmth of acceptance whenever we visited the Abbey and I thank you for that warmth. My new address is:
    Joan Gloor, 4 Etwall Ln, Bella Vista, Ar. 72714 and e-mail:

  2. Fr. John, Was thrilled to discover your site while searching for info on St. Michael's stained glass windows. Have been writing the story of my faith journey which had it's start at St. Michael's. I always loved those gorgeous windows, statutes and the intricate carvings of the altar plus those stations. I sang in the choir, swept those floors and wiped down the pews and helped with church dinners in the basement. My junior and senior graduation dinners were held there and my father's funeral
    was offered there. Since Walt's death, I have taken writing classes and after 20 years
    published a book about my 38 year journey to find my birth mother titled, Adopted B 635. It is available on Amazon and Kindle. The miracle of finding my mother and 11 brothers and sisters (9 boys and 2 girls)has been an enormous gift. I am very interested in your article, Fearing Failure and am wondering where I might purchase a copy. My e-mail is: Address: Joan Gloor,
    40 Etwall Ln., Bella Vista, Ar. 72714