Monday, March 18, 2013

New Birth -- St. Patrick's Day -- Another Brett

Besides having a neat opportunity to minister to people of Northeastern, Nebraska this weekend -- Lynch, Creighton and Brunswick, I was blessed to have celebrated a baptism with family.

As I have mentioned in earlier blogs, one of my relatives is now our Head Football Coach and Athletic Director here at Mount Michael. He is Jonathan Borer. He and his wife, Jacque, just welcomed their thrid child into this world a few months ago and yesterday welcomed this little boy, Brett, into Christianity. Brett promises to be a special child, since he is named after his uncle, Brett. Little Brett's uncle, was taken home to God in a very unexpected manner a few years ago. Acutally, it happened one night while he was sleeping, quietly and peacefully. God works in mysterious ways sometimes. Nonetheless, it is obvious how this family loves both Bretts and trusts that each rests in the arms of a loving God.

                    Note the faces of the parents, especially Jacque, Are they not happy and proud?

                                    Brett, recieve the Light of Christ! Keep this flame of faith burning brightly!

                                          Brett with his parents and godparents.

                                    Brett with his parents and grandparents -- both sides of his family.

           Brett with his whole family. Two members should get some special attention. His maternal great grandmother is in the front on the step in the same row in which I am stitting. And in the back is an alum of Mount Michael who married into this family as well. He is in the back row, the second male from the right. He is non other than, Scott Kmiecek, class of 1994. Scott married Jon Borer's sister, Kelly. Remember, Scott was quite a basketball player! Perhaps with the genes of the Borer family--Jon's prowess of football and the athletic success of his in-laws, Brett will be a real asset to Mount Michael's athletic success in the future. (photo -- courtesy of Br. Mel Tichocta OSB)

                                              Congratulations to the Jonathan Borer Family!!

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