Friday, March 29, 2013

Holy Thursday -- Seder Lunch -- Remembering Great Events

Yesterday, March 28, 2013, Mount Michael students and staff observed and participated in a seder meal, albeit, a lunch. Since the students would be leaving for Easter break immediately after classes yesterday, we decided to observe a seder meal as well as possible. So to include all the students, it had to be at lunch time.

Devin Coyle, a Mount Michael student of the early 2000s was gracious enough to help us observe and paticipate in this meal. Having Jewish family, Devin has observed the seder meal many times. It was really nice to have him with us on this day. Below Devin is explaining the food, its significance and the ceremonial ritual of eating it.

Below is a large display plate of the food items of the seder meal -- each of these items were on a platter of each table for our students. The food items are: Romaince lettuce, parsley, egg-boiled, horseradish, humus, matzah and apples and walnuts--salt water is in the middle of the plate in the brown bowl.

Here they are ceremonially dripping 10 drops of wine on plate symbolizing the 10 plagues.

      The oldest member at the table breaking matzah and sharing it with all the younger members at table.

Mr. Jewell getting into the ritual of eating the parsley dipped in salt water -- tears.

    After sharing the seder food together, the main meal was served-- Lamb on flat bread and latkas potato pancakes. It seemed as they all really liked the food. Dessert was baklava -- an awesome choice!

       The Jewish Passover, of course, for us moves into the Passover of Jesus and the washing of the feet at our Eucharist of Holy Thursday in the evening. More photos of this ceremony at posted on the website by Br. Luke.

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