Monday, March 11, 2013

Freshmen Football Team---Graduating Class of 1994

Hey alums,

Below is a photo of the freshmen football team -- Fall of 1990. That year MM won State Championship in Football. Did any of you, freshmen of that year, suit up for any state games? You can respond below in the comment box!


  1. Padre Juan, I had no business being on a football field. I think Coach Kane really just had a few of us out there to be Schneider's tackling dummies. For that, I was well suited.

  2. But what did Coach Kane have to do with the freshmen football team? Do you remember the State Champsionship game that year? Did any freshmen suit up? Do you remember all of your classmates? And yes, I agree, you probably were much better on the basketball court--not?

    padre juan

    1. I was the waterboy and consider the State Championship as the beginning of my career in sports. I have a gold medal and was in the team picture to prove it. Great Memories even if I was a "Lump Lump".

  3. I consider the State Championship Game as the start of my career in sports. I was the water boy, gold medal to prove it! Great memories.

  4. Kris,

    Thanks for your comments. This is exactly what I was hoping to achieve, your type of response. You did it before I even asked!! Wow! You guys need to speak to the point of what all this did for you so that the present students and players can step up to the plate. It can be done again. And MM has always been a brotherhood. If we just nstill this type of thing in our present boys, anything is possible. Blessings -- padre j