Friday, March 1, 2013

Family -- Family -- Family

Creating these little blogs has stirred up lots of memories and created a plethora of ideas for more blogs. What will be central for me in the future, will be my immediate family and of course, my extended family. The extended family would be Mount Michael and all that that entails. Blogs could go on and on and on...

First I will share my immediate family. Although we did not take lots of photos, especially formal ones, we do have some family photos. I am sharing those photos and my family below.

First is my Mom and Dad on their wedding day. Of course, this has appeared already in an earlier blog. They are both rather young -- Mom was only 19 years old when she married Dad, who was 24.

The two photos following are obviously when Mom & Dad had a camera. And also obvious is that it was a Sunday because of being all dressed up. Both Mom & Dad always insisted that Sunday was dress up day. And although we had to share our toys and did not each have a bike, a toy car must have been a prop!
Mom with the first 4 children-- Sally, Bob, John, Jerry-- note how close the corn field is to the house yard in the background, The gate to the house yard is still at the same place!

Dad's turn with kids -- Mom did not focus photo as well as Dad did above!!!
Sally, Bob, John, Jerry

I think Dad is correcting Sally here in this photo-- Jerry, Sally, John, Bob.Obviously it was easy to dress us in over-alls!!

I remember this photo -- it was on a Sunday, after we got home from mass and we were not being very co-operative-- we were misbehaving!!
John, Bob, Judy, Dad, holding Ruth, Jim, Sally, Jerry

A fromal portrait -- this one was actually taken in Stewart Studio in Albion, Nebraska @ 1966. This was taken shortly before Jerry left for the military. Eventually, Jerry would be called to serve in VietNam.

Front row -- Ruth, Mom, holding Alan, Dad and Jim
Back row-- Sally, Judy, Jerry, John, Bob

Of course, we took family photos at weddings and funerals -- this happens to be my Ordination Day -- Aug. 23, 1975. The photo was taken in front of the altar at Mount Michael. It was a very hot day and at that time the chapeld was not air conditioned.

Front row-- Alan, Rob Noble, John Noble, Mike Noble, Pete Hoppe
Second row -- Grandma Borer, Dad, Fr. John, Mom, Grandma Hagemann, Sally
Third row -- Jim, holding Matt, his wife, Susie-- over to Ruth, Judy, Roger Noble
Fourth row --Bob, holding Jeff, his wife, Sue, holding Julie, Karen-- Jerry's wife, Jerry, Lyle Hoppe

Another somewhat formal photo-- although taken in our home. It was Mom and Dad's 45 wedding anniversary.
Front row -- Sally, Dad & Mom, Ruth
Secon row -- John, Jerry, Alan, Jim, Bob, Judy

This photo was taken at MM in the Student Union--now called The Armory. I hosted a Christmas gathering that year. Dad died just a few months previous -- in August.

Front row-- Judy, Sally, Mom, Ruth
Back row -- Bob, Alan, Jim, Jerry, John

Photo taken at Bob's youngest daughter's wedding-- Erin's wedding--

Front row -- Bob, Sally, Judy, Ruth
Back row -- Jerry, John, Jim, Alan

Another wedding -- the first of Bob & Sue's twins to get married -- Shelly's wedding

Front row -- Bob, Judy, Sally, Ruth
Back row -- Jim, Alan, Jerry, John

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