Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fall of 1990 -- Football Champs--Seniors of 1991

My assumption is that not all of you alums know that our present football coach is a relative of mine. We are cousins. His name is Jon Borer. If you have followed any of my blogs, you will know that my mother's maiden is: Borer. Jon's Great Grandfather and my Grandfather are brothers. Jon's Great Grandmother and my Grandmother are sisters. We are doubly related.

I have had some ideas about how to help my cousin in regard to football. Our program needs a bit of a "shot in the arm"!!! So below is a photo that has been a favorite of many for many years. It has been in the trophy case along with other Kane memorabilia. This photo is part of one of my ideas. They will come later.

So alums -- especially football players-- know that I will be calling upon you to help with some of my ideas to get football back to where it was.

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