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A Miracle -- When You Believe-- Allison Hoppe

                                                         Allison Hoppe

Undoubtedly, one of the best courses I had in theology in those pacticum years was CPE--Clinical Pastoral Education. It was real life stuff in the hospital with patients, surgery, etc. I love hospital ministry.

But I cannot hold a candle to my sister, Judy Hoppe, in regard to hospital ministry. I take my hat off to her in this regard. She has helped many little ones enter life and equally she has helped many enter eternal life.

For years Judy has worked as an RN in Boone County Health Center, mostly the night sift and as one who rides the ambulance. Perhaps her forte would really be with the little ones, babies. Let me tell you, she is good!

Several years ago, Judy was awarded Nurse of the Year by the Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses.

Here is a quote from an article that was written at the time Judy received the award:

 "Hoppe received the award based on a nomination written by her nursing co-workers. In the nomination, her co-workers listed Hoppe's superior techinal skills, her leadership and her willingness to meet difficult challenges as reason why she should receive the award. The nomination went on to describe how Hoppe calmly and competently delivered and resuscitated a 24-week infant. According to Dorren Johnston, RN, and Assistant Director of Nursing, "throughout the entire experience, Judy remained calm, extremely focused and displayed exceptional skills in the delivery and resuscitation of the premature infant. Judy went on to finish her sift and completed a timely transfer of the infant to a neonatal hospital. But what made this situation even more exceptional to hospital staff who witnessed the event was the premature infant was Hoppe's grandchild'."

Judy, you know that I asked for material and photos from you about this event. I always wanted to create a little video for my Social Justice and Peace class when we were dealing with the rights for life for infants, but also rights for life for all stages of life.

Well, this is not exactly a video, but it makes the same point. All life has rights at whatever stages. Cardianl Joseph Bernadin was absolutley correct in reagrd to the seamless garment. And you, Judy, are living proof of one who has protected life. I happen to know more of the nitty gritty of the story of this delivery and the resuscitation of this little baby. Thank you for ministering so well and being an example of what we all should believe.

My classroom is now much larger than what it was back a few years ago. Hopefully, by sharing your story and the story of Louie and Kim and Allison, we can draw many others to believe and never despair in praying. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! The following song speaks and sings the words better than I can create them. After you listen to this version of "When You Believe" from the film, The Prince of Egypt. Click on to one that follows, a live concert of Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston singing the same song. Judy, this is YOU!

              Though Hope is frail, it's hard to kill........... when you believe

Below are some photos of Allison (Allie) when she was first born and in Children's Hospital in Omaha.

Here is a comparison -- Allison's Dad's hand -- Allie's body size--

Alllison and her Mother-- Kim

Judy Hoppe with two of her grandchildren on the day they were baptized-- Aiden Nore and Allison Hoppe
Aiden is a first cousin of Allison. He was born early July while Allison was born early April of 2005.They are both in the same class at St. Michael's elementary school in Albion, Nebraska.

    Aiden Nore         Judy Hoppe            Allison Hoppe

                                     Here I am with Allison Hoppe after the baptism.

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