Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Three Strong Female Corn Pickers-- One of The Three Paired up with Another Strong Corn Picker--

My family is a large one! Hailing from the rural area of Nebraska, farming families were natually large-- more hands available to accomplish all the work that had to be done.

My Dad loved to pick corn. Dad loved to pick corn by hand--mind you. For him it was always a contest -- how quickly he could pick a wagon load. As a matter of fact, Dad participated in corn picking contests a good part of his life -- even up until he was in his 60's.

I also remember him talking about going out to Iowa, Carroll, Iowa that is. He helped his uncles pick corn when there was not much to pick in Boone County -- Nebraska, during the depression.

Below are a few photos of Dad at a corn picking contest. I have no idea what year these photos might have been taken. It is a shame that I can't talk to him about it now.

I do not remember any stories about whether or not my Dad won the contest, or that he got 2nd or 3rd place. I just know that he was good at picking corn. I was a witness of that.

However, Dad always had competition. Most of the time, he liked to have competition. And I am sure that while he was involved in the early contest of picking corn that he was unaware that one of his competitors would win his heart.
My family has always produced strong women -- on both sides -- my mother's as well as my father's.

But since I did a recent blog on my Mom and Dad, this photo below of my mother and her family picking corn has really struck me. Below is a photo of my Mom's family coming in from the fields with a wagon load of corn.

That is my mother atop the wagon load with her leg hanging over the side-- one of her sisters and their two little brothers -- Joe and Larry atop the wagon as well. Besides picking corn, they probably had to babysit their little brothers.Below are the famous three sisters-- they are most likely the ones who picked this load of corn. They look rather proud of their accomplishments. They likely have out done their brothers.

The famous three are: June, Sally,(my Mom) and Rita. Until just recently I did not realize that the three of them would be posing in the same order for a more formal photo.  It was for my Mom's wedding. They actually "clean up"pretty good for being women of corn fields!

                          June                             Mom (Sally)                       Rita

Three Strong Women and Good Corn Pickers                                 

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