Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fun in February Snow

The snow of last week was a welcome for many people. As a matter of fact, some of my friends from the area of Norfolk, Ne.(with whom I communiate regularly) made comments like: "Send some of your snow our way". Actually, we did not get as much snow as many places south of us did, especially Kansas and Missouri. But what we did get, we welcomed and now will take whatever mositure we can get, as we need the moisture badly!!

Our students are particularly happy when they can get a snow day and some freedom from the routine of classes and school work.

Before I came to Mount Michael and was living at home in Albion, Ne. on the farm, there were times when we, too, got "snowed in". I have wonderful memories of long periods of time of "snow days"-- as many as a week at a time. Living in the rural area, where there were unpaved roads and snow removal equipment was not readily available to open roads, gave us more days off than for those who lived within the town of Albion.

In 1962, we had lots of snow. Admittedly doing chores -- especially milking cows, was particiularly more of a chore, but there were really fun times as well. Dad would move the snow from the yard with the tractor and loader. There were huge piles of snow. So this particularly year, my brothers and sister (Judy) decided to build a snowman on top of one of the piles of snow. We rolled the balls of snow up the pile and built the snowman on this summit. The snowman, himself, was over six feet tall, but with the extra height of the snow pile, the snowman was probably twenty feet tall. It could be seen every where. Below are some photos.

My memory of this Abominable Snowman was that his hand was extended longer than what appears here, but his hand must have been broken off some where along the way of construction. I also remember that it took forever for this pile of snow to melt in the spring.

Now it is my great nephews and nieces who play in the snow. Age seems to lessen one's desire to play in the snow any more. Below is a little video of the Hoppe side of the family (Hoppe side of the family is my sister Judy's family) having some fun in the snow. Out on Hoppe Hill there is a perfect hill that works well for snow play-- even for the little ones. They are having fun.

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