Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ash Wednesday--February 13, 2013

Although I will be here at Mount Michael for 50 years this coming fall--September, I have not always been here at Mount Michael for Ash Wednesday. I have a memory of Ash Wednesday in Mexico some years ago. Nonetheless, I have always appreciated Ash Wednesday and beginning Lent at Mount Michael.

Today is Ash Wednesday. Ashes were distributed at the Eucharist this morning. It was an all community celebration of the beginning of Lent.

This morning we sang the hymn below at Morning Prayer!

O God of faith, by whom we live,
Unfailing is the hope you give.
Of your forgiveness let us sing,
And hearts of penance forward bring.

Arise beneath the morning skies,
O Lamb prepared for sacrifice,
We bear the cross along the way
That leads to life from day to day.

May your redemption set us free
To follow you to Calvary.
So let us conquer death and sin
That you, O Lord, may dewell within.

To triune God we sing our praise
Throughout these holy forty days,
Awaiting Christ our risen king,
And final, every lasting spring.


Text: Dei fide 8th cent,para Hugh Tasch, OSB 1975
Tune: God of Faith, LM; Gregory Polan, OSB, Mode VIII

This is one of my favorite Morning Lenten Hymns. Both of the monks mentioned below the hymn are from Conception Abbey.

Our Bro. Jerome has created the environment in our chapel for many years. I must admit that I always appreciate what he does. He is an artist in lots of ways and uses colors well.

The cactus is a nice touch of the desert and the bitter sweet always seems to fit into the color scheme of things.

The painting below was done by Nicolas Oramas. He lived with us for nearly a year-- a monk at that time from Cuernavaca, Mexico. We are indebted to him for many wonderful paintings that he did for us while he was here. Note the cross in Jesus's chest. I remember when Nicolas painted this one. He told me that he wanted to convey the idea that Jesus was totally resigned to die in this painting.

The photo below is in the back of the chapel near the holy water. Again Br. Jerome uses bitter sweet and a crucifix that has a black corpse. This is one that was likely given to us by the monks of Schuyler, Nebraska. They have been gifted with lots and lots of ebony from their missions in Africa. I am sure that this corpse is hand carved.

In the grille work by the Blessed Sacrament Chapel -- still some more bitter sweet and an Icon of the crucifixion. I hope to be doing another blog on a literary character who works with crucifixions as well.

My your Lent be a fruitful season and bring you to new life in spring and the resurrection.

A Blessed Lent from Mount Michael Abbey and School.

There are more photos of our Lenten Eucharist and Distribution of Ashes on the News button of the abbey and school websites.

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