Friday, January 25, 2013

Another Letter to God

Dear God,

I have wanted to write much more after once I started this method of communication, but much has taken my time. And I have had a bit of problem with my blog program. I am sure, Dear God, that these types of problems happen all the time in your communication with your creatures.

Anyway... I really don't like the way I set up this correspondence and discussion with the alums and actually anyone who reads my blog. Anyone who reads it should be able to find things without scrolling through all the blogs. So perhaps this will be an easier way for those who want to respond.

Dear God, this particular letter will deal with Mike O'Neill's comments and as he says "ramblings" posted on the blog entitled: Electronic Teaching and Discussion.

God, Mike, had much to say about Jean Marie's faith and his struggles there in. I think Mike thought that a pope should never have struggles of faith. If I remember correctly Mike talked about "complete faith". And that was lacking for Jean Marie.

I have thought about what Mike said, Dear God. About how Mike quoted your Son, Jesus when he said let the dead bury the dead. Your Son said lots of things-- I particularly remember some words on the night before He died-- words spoken to You in the garden. I believe your Son even asked if He could get out of suffering and dying -- if this cup would pass. I remember something like. I would say that He was struggling --not? What do you say about that?

Then of course, Dear God, I do remember some of those men whom your Son had chosen to follow Him closely. Some times it seemed that they were just plain stupid and it took them forever to understand and catch on. The leader was a man by the name of Peter--not? I would say that he had some pretty big struggles with your Son and with his faith--not?

So perhaps you could encourage Mike to be a little easy on Jean Marie. What do you think?
How can any human's faith be "complete"-- even a pope's?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Johnny, Juanito, Jeannot

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