Sunday, December 9, 2012

Immaculate Conception -- Another Painting

A few weeks ago I posted a blog dealing with Edward Hick's painting-- The Peaceable Kingdom. The past few days we have had another painting that has graced our chapel-- a painting of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Although this painting does not have a title or name, it has always intrigued me.

It was painted by a monk, orginally from Conception Abbey, Fr. Severin Foley. He is now deceased.  This painting was in our library for many years. Perhaps Fr. Severin painted it and and gave it to Fr. Robert Halter, our librarian here at Mount Michael for many, many years.

Here are several photos of the painting!

A close up of the painting below.

What I find so intriguing about this painting is the flow and movement of it. Obviously the painter intended the movement of the garments to be somewhat in sync to the movement of the background shapes-- those shapes are very serpent like. However, it seems that the background serpent has no affect upon Mary. I must say that the movement of this painting is the aspect of it that really attracts me to it.

Years ago when we were still a seminary, we used to go to our motherhouse, Conception Abbey, on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. The year that was memorable for me would have been my sophomore year in high school, 1964-65. And I would have to say that the most wonderful thing about the day spent at the motherhouse was the liturgy there at Conception. Of course, with the student body there and community and our student body and community we had nearly 500 male voices. The singing was nothing but awesome.

I also have a fond memory of the Concpetion monks that I met that day. All were incredibly friendly and hospitable.

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