Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Holy Navtivity -- The Incarnation

The Christmas story never gets old and it is told so very many ways by every people of every nation.
Find some photos below of some Nativity scenes throughout Mount Michael of the year of 2012.

The following photos are outside, near the front entrance of the school building.

Night time scenes -- really cold this year! Wonder what the temperature was on the night of the actual birth of Jesus.

The photo below is the scene within the chapel.

Below are some photos of arrangements in the chapel. Br. Jerome has cleverly used alot of natural grasses, greenery, and vines that grow here at Mount Michael-- red dogwood, switch grass and bittersweet are a few of them. Mulhalls have donated poinsettias to us for many years now. We are grateful for their generosity.

The photos below are of the nativity in the front entrance of the school. All figures are black and the kings are very ornately dressed. It is a very beautiful nativity set.

The photos from below are scenes from the school library. They are Br. Luke's nativity sets. The two photos below are from a set this is Eskimo with a polar bear and seals!

Here is another scene in the school library.

The photos below are in the abbey recreation room.

The water color below was done by Helen Gloeb some years ago. It was our Christmas card that year. Note Mount Michael in the background.

The photos below are on the bottom floor in the abbey -- the dining room.

Joseph, Mary and child are woven of some type of reed or grass-- top floor of abbey building.

The following photos are of a nativity set made by Paul Dohmen.

The photos below are of Prior Richard's nativity sets. Note the little tractor in the first one and also the sheep in the last one. Prior Richard's family rasied sheep in South Omaha years ago.

This last one is in the abbey oratory where we pray night prayer.

A Blessed Christmas to all. Our Chritmas cactus is still blooming!!


  1. i wanted to see if you knew the name of the library you saw the eskimo nativity set at. My mother had one (she passed). I have put it up every year and this year someone wasnt watching their child and they broke a head of one. im trying to find a way to track down where to buy one. the one in the picture is the exact set.

  2. To the person who wrote the comment above:
    The library is Mount Michael's library. The nativity set is Br. Luke's. His mother bought it in Alaska when they were on a cruise. I happen to have a niece there in Alsaka now. I am sure that I could get you a set. But you need to leave some identification and contact information. Your message was anonymous. My email address is: