Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fr. Ron Rolheiser -- article dealing with fear

If any individual spends much time with me, he/she will find out that one of my favorite spiritual writers is a member of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate by the name of Ronald Rolheiser. I admit to lots of people that I have read Rolheiser's, The Holy Longing many, many times. In fact, I can locate certain stories he talks about quite easily because I have become so familar with his book.

I am proud to mention that the newspaper of our Archdiocese of Omaha features an article from Rolheiser each time the paper is published. It is rare that I don't read his article, even more than once.

Rolheiser speaks about what we should know as an unhealthy fear and then a healthy fear of God. Included in his article is a little parable -- a true story. At the end of the article Rolheiser lists 10 principles to invite us to live in less fear.

This article can be read directly on Rolheiser's website --
The title is: Living With Less Fear.

I was reminded alot of the article I wrote some time ago entitled: Fearing Failure. I suppose we all have lots of fears and I wrote the article Fearing Failure in regard to vocations. It's particular bent was about individuals fearing to try religious life because from the very beginning, many fear failure

Since I  have written that article I have seen a movie entitled: The Ultimate Gift. There is a certain part of that film that deals with failure as well. And furthermore the point is that for most people to be successful, they need to or just do fail numerous times before achieving success.

The point I want to make is that Rolheiser has done much to help me in regard to fears-- fear of God, fear of failure, fear of being successful, fear of life changes, fear of changing job positions, fear of growing old, fear of death, etc.

I just wonder how many people really read someone like Rolheiser? I think that he could be helpful for many people and I just want to express my gratitude to him for being so helpful to me.