Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Blooms from Lent's Restraints

At Morning Prayer during Lent we sang these lines from one of our Lenten Hymns:

As spring awakes the frozen earth,
So Easter blooms from Lent's restraints.
Rejoice! for Chirst will conquer death
And bring his grace to  make us saints.

This year spring came very early. March has broken lots of records for very warm temperatures. And when this happens nature has no choice but to awake and bloom. But I must admit that every year nature provides proof for me that death is not as powerful as life is. Nature does awaken and bloom. It is not difficult for me to equate the energy and power of new life of nature with the energy and power of the Resurrection and the defeat of death and sin-- the defeat of ugliness and the subduedness of Lent.

Although the photos below were taken a few weeks ago, they do give witness to the power of nature and likewise the power of the resurrection.

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