Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lift High the Cross

This Sunday is the fourth Sunday of Lent already. I promised myself that I would do at least one blog dealing with the season of Lent. Perhaps now is the time.

This Sunday the gospel is from the evangelist John and deals with the notion that Jesus will be lifted up on the cross for the redemption of the whole world, for all of humankind throughout all times-- past and furture.

Indeed, it is an awesome image-- the cross. I have thought about this and meditated about this notion this past weekend. I have particularly looked around the chapel when I do very early morning reading and lectio. I looked about chapel to notice what Br. Jerome did in our chapel in regard to this notion of lifting up the cross.

Br. Jerome ususally uses the crucifix with a black corpse. I believe that this was a gift from the Benedictine monks of Christ the King in Schuyler, Ne. But Br. Jerome mounts the cross on a pole or sometimes even a tree. He often times places it in a large basket with gnarly vines that twist all over and mesh in with the weave of the basket. I must admit that this physical image makes me think. Perhaps placing it here make cause others to think and maybe even to meditate and pray.

The other thought that I had this weekend is another idea that is expressed in the Scripture readings for this 4th Sunday of Lent. The readings do speak of the evils in the world -- the first reading uses the world abominations. Sometimes one wonders about our world -- are we really getting any better than times of the Old Testament? I am sure we know people who are always going on about how bad the world is.

But... if we believe in Jesus and redemption -- the cross is the answer. We all are already saved-- we need to BELIEVE it. And thus we should LIFT HIGH THE CROSS. It is the ultimate sign of redemption.

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