Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A New Responsibility -- Mount Michael's Caskets

Mount Michael now has 3 different types of caskets, although all are modeled on Br. Andrew Sorensen's orginal design. The one below is called the rope handled cakset. It is $1,995.


The one below is called the wood handled casket. It is $1,595. It has the same basic design and the only difference is the wood handle that runs along both sides of the casket.

The one below is called the plain pine box -- like casket. It is $995. It also has the basic design of Br. Andrew's, but it is very plain. There is no finish on this one and it is very, very simple.


The crosses that we provide for the caskets are particular to Mount Michael Benedictine and to what is Benedictine. The wood of the cross comes from our own pine trees. Br. Andrew, himself, planted many of these trees when he still operated the Christmas tree farm. Since many of these trees have been stricken by the wilt that has spread throughout the country, we are trying to make use of it. So embedded in the cross is the Benedictine medal. One cross accompanies the purchase of a casket -- no cost. However, if more crosses are desired, they are available at $15.00 apiece. In fact these crosses are available in Mount Michael Benedictine bookstore and Guest House.

A casket my be purchased at the present prices and stored at Mount Michael Benedictine Abbey. There is a fee for storage per year -- $69. However, we have limited space -- around 50 caskets.

In order to be in line with the law, it is necessary for us to charge sales tax.

Prices of caskets will not always remain as they are now. Eventually, the price will rise.

Delivery of the caskets can be made by the family if desired or most funeral homes will provide the service of delivery.

We do have urns as well.

Viewing is always possible, but needs to be by appointment, since the display room is in the abbey and the caskets are stored there.

There will always be some caskets available upon need-- approximately 5 of each style. However, we encourage to buy and then store--if it is a feasible time period before need.

Funeral homes will honor the wish and desire to use one of our caskets. If this fact is worked out with your choice of funeral home before hand, the whole situation is better and easier.

Any other questions can be addressed to Fr. John Hagemann OSB
Abbey phone -- 402-289-2541 -- ex. 1111
Cell phone -- 402 -596- 5393
E-mail --

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